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Funny Bones Profile

Mime, magic, juggling, dance, puppet show, and many other tricks full of original ideas popping out one after another from the magic chest of Funny Bones at a good tempo. He has been invited to festivals in more than 25 countries around the world with a fantastic show, delivering a special once-in-a-lifetime experience to the audience on that day, in that place, and by using his body to express himself without using words. A comedy duo gaining popularity in He has won numerous awards at performance and theater festivals around the world. 2014 Street Performance World Cup Japan Cup champion.
Currently, he is active in the theater of a cruise ship (Royal Caribbean) that travels around the world.

Embracing all the great theatrical traditions of silent comedy and vaudeville, Funny Bones has a tight understanding of what makes people laugh, Chris Peters 'UK' and K-Bow 'Japan' present a masterful show of contemporary clowning that gets awesomely creative, turning everyday items into mini stunts and gags that has kept audiences worldwide captivated. Funny Bones invites you to a vibrant all action show which packs in stunning physical dexterity, cheeky comedy, mimed set pieces, climaxing with an astonishing giant puppet finale.

This internationally acclaimed award-winning double act is performed by Chris Peters (British) and K-Bow (Japanese) whom have worked together for over 15 years delivering hilarious add-libbing comedy with forever changing routines involving giant puppetry, acrobatics, slapstick, voice percussion, dance, magic, hat juggling and much more. This non-verbal act will dazzle your imagination with originality.

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